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I’m just a concerned father who has three children who sleepwalk. Like most folks, over the years we thought their very sporadic sleepwalking adventures were harmless and funny at times. We had no idea just how dangerous sleepwalking can be, especially as children grow older, until my son was severely injured while sleepwalking. My son’s severe sleepwalking injury was a real wake-up call for us – and it should be for you as well. It’s been four years since his sleepwalking injury, and he’s gone sleepwalking only a handful of times since then. However, the last time he went sleepwalking, he headed back to the same window. Can you imagine what may have happened if we just assumed that he would not sleepwalk again? Or that his sleepwalking injury was simply a fluke and nothing like that could possibly happen again? Words fail. This time, however, a $25 motion detector alarm we had placed on top of his dresser aimed at the window triggered a piercing alarm when he crossed the threshold near the window. The alarm woke him up and also brought the rest of our family running into his bedroom. This very affordable alarm did what we intended for it to do such that “You’ll know when your sleepwalker is on the move”.

We hope that you found our website informative and helpful with regard to protecting your sleepwalker. Please be proactive, safeguard the environment of your sleepwalker, and assume that your sleepwalker will go sleepwalking again!

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