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If you have a sleepwalker in your family, be proactive and safeguard your sleepwalker’s environment with a sleepwalking alarm or related sleepwalking safety products. The following sleepwalking alarms will help to alert others in the house such that “You’ll know when your sleepwalker is on the move”.

These sleepwalking alarms are affordable and will also provide additional security for your household. The potential for serious injuries or even fatal injuries from sleepwalking is very real. If your child or loved one has gone on a sleepwalking adventure in the past, be proactive and assume that they will sleepwalk again.

If your child or loved one sleepwalks, do not wait for a serious injury to occur like we did with our son. Had we been aware of the dangers involved with sleepwalking, we could have avoided his injury by safeguarding his environment and installing inexpensive alarms to let us know when our sleepwalker is on the move again. A floor mat alarm in particular can be very helpful when your sleepwalker leaves his or her bed or wanders toward a window.

Sleepwalking Floor Mat Alarms (Place by bed, windows and doors)

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